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Clear Quartz amplifies positive energy, increases vitality of both mind and body and wards off negative influences.
The use of the healing stones listed below together with quartz, will amplify the healing qualities of each individual stone.  Quartz will help raise the frequency of vibrations which becomes like an added battery pack that will increase the fluency of the healing vibrations of the colored crystals.  For effective results, use the crystals for the ailing parts of the body by taping them on to the skin, wearing them, or making elixirs to drink or use for washing or constantly holding them on your left hand.
The results you get will be determined by your faith and determination.  Oftentimes we expect instant cures for afflictions we've had for years.  Just be aware of your commitment to yourself.  If you truly consider working with crystals as an alternative, it definitely will work for you.  If, however, you start out with the thought of failure already, guess what, that is also what you'll get!  Remember, we are working with faith and our own healing abilities.  It's just a matter of fortifying and strengthening ourselves with the physical energies we already have.  And should a crystal feel more "right" that what is suggested, go for it!  Remember there is no wrong -- only better.  What are listed below have been tried and tested by other crystal users and by myself.  You may have other discoveries we still might not know about.   Have fun.

Acne                      -     amethyst, aquamarine, pearl



(alcohol, drugs,     -     rose quartz, amethyst, quartz, onyx

 & cigarettes)


Asthma                  -     rose quartz, amber, tigerís eye, malachite, amethyst,

                                    hematite, aventurine


Bladder Trouble     -     bloodstone, hematite


Blood Disease        -     amethyst, hematite, bloodstone


Bronchitis               -     pyrites, rutilated quartz, rose quartz, amethyst


Burns                      -     amethyst


Childbirth              -     agate, aventurine, jade


Colic                      -     coral, citrine


Color Blindness      -     amethyst

Depression             -     garnet, laspis lazuli, rose quartz, ruby, rhodocrosite, rhodonite


Drunkenness          -     amethyst


Ear Trouble             -     amber, onyx


Edema                   -     aquamarine


Evil Eye                   -     amber, tigerís eye, turquoise, malachite, petrified wood

(to avert)


Eyesight                 -     agate, amethyst, aquamarine, coral, emerald,

Problems                     malachite, aventurine, obsidian, jade

Fatigue                  -     copper, agate


Fever                      -     carnelian, ruby, hematite, silver


Forgetfulness          -     emerald, amethyst, citrine, gold, carnelian


Glands (swollen)    -     aquamarine


Goiter                    -     amber, aquamarine, quartz, turquoise, sodalite


Hemmorrhage       -     hematite, sapphire, bloodstone


Hair Problems        -     agate, amethyst, aventurine, lapis lazuli, onyx


Hearing Problems  -     agate, onyx


Heart Troubles        -     agate, garnet, onyx, rose quartz, aventurine, jade, ruby


Infection                -     amber, amethyst, hematite


Insecurity                -     hematite, rose quartz, quartz, ruby


Insomnia                -     amethyst, sapphire, topaz, tourmaline, fluorite


Leg Cramp            -     hematite, aventurine, onyx


Menstrual               -     malachite, orange agate, carnelian, amber



Pain                       -     aventurine, onyx


Poisoning               -     agate, diamond, malachite


Rheumatism          -     amber, malachite, hematite


Scalds                    -     amethyst


Stomach Trouble   -     citrine, agate


Temper Tantrums   -     rose quartz, amethyst, pearl, aquamarine, moonstone,

                                    blue lace agate


Throat Problems    -     aquamarine, sodalite, turquoise


Toothache             -     aquamarine, malachite, aventurine, flourite


Voodoo                 -     black onyx, black tourmaline, eye agate, petrified wood, red coral


Whooping Cough -     coral, rose quartz, hematite, amethyst, malachite, sodalite
Published by Marvy Schuman Copyright 2009
All rights reserved. No part may be reproduced or utilized in any form by any means, electronic, or mechanical including any information storage and retrieval system, without permissions by the author.
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